Pro Player Insight: Grubby

We got a chance to talk to Manuel “Grubby” Schenkhuizen about different aspects of his life such as his career, his hobbies, why he chose to be his own man and other cool stuff.

Here is all the insight!

-          Looking back on your career, what is the biggest moment for you?
There are so many defining moments in my career; it’s hard to pick a single one. I’ll go with the real Rocky moment. I was figuratively down in the dumps in 2007, and when no one believed that I could be a champion again, winning WCG 2008 seemed like a crowning glory that I could only dream would happen ever again.

-          Which player would you say has a playing style close to yours?
Since I mimic a lot of other players’ styles it could really be anyone. I don’t think anyone plays quite closely to my style since I change it up a lot.

-          And who has a total opposite playing style?
Someone who only has one style and forever repeats it.


-          Why did you choose to be your own team?
So that we have the freedom to do what we think is best, work on our own ideas, to show our own vision of eSports and enjoyment to all of my fans.

-          Do you read what people say about you on the internet?
I’m just an eSports fan like anyone else so I like to read what other people are saying, which emotions / thoughts are going around in the community and to see what I can do to help improve everyone’s experience of StarCraft and eSports. I always read all the tweets addressed to me, often with great expressions of support and that really fuels my fire. I don’t read forums all that much all the time because I’m often busy.

-          What do you do when you’re not playing Starcraft II?
I’ll be spending time with my partner, Cassandra. It doesn’t really matter what we do, it can be anything from extreme sports to extremely not sports like watching shows or taking walks. I also love to read books, sci-fi, fantasy, fiction and some miscellaneous ones.

-          You being an old WarCraft III player, do you still keep an eye on things that resolve around its universe?
Not really. I don’t find it that interesting anymore, since the competition is not so diverse. The maps and players are all still the same ones I played 5 years ago.

-          Do you feel confident about going to BlizzCon 2013?
I don’t think my chances are very good to make top 16 in the WCS World ranking since I only have DreamHack Bucharest and potentially IEM New York to rack up the points, and those tournaments are going to be as stacked as probes running from Hellions.


-          What are your plans for the future?
Follow my heart, follow my dreams and never give up.

Before we conclude this interview, anything you would like to say to your fans?
You’re all why I’m here. Thank you.

Thank you very much for your time and good luck for your next battles!
Thank you. See you!