Never Stop Fighting for Your Dream!

​Introducing the True Fighters of eSports: BenQTFE Professional Gaming Team

Established in 2011, BenQTFE is funded by BenQ to recruit the best CS gamers in the China. The recruitment lasted for 180 days across five major cities. Under the leadership of the head coach, the number-one CS talent in China and former world champion, Alex Zhengwei Bian, five extraordinary young men from the cities of Anhui, Hubei, Guangdong and Sichuan were chosen from two thousand CSers to join the team: TFE.michael, TFE.muziwei, TFE.hjxz, and TFE.meteor.

“TFE” for “True Fighters of eSports”
In the world’s top CS arena, no one can move forward without courage or survive without techniques – whether you’re an elite counter-terrorist expert or a ruthless terrorist. It’s a place where the unwise makes the meaningless sacrifice. There is no room self-interest because you will never last without your team. This is also why CS remains one of the most popular and successful games. It is a game that welcomes everyone, professionals and amateurs, but can only be won by one – a team that is the most determined to triumph over all oppositions; a team that has the true fearless spirit of fighters.

Motivated by the same ambition and determination to win, BenQTFE professional gaming team has one big dream to fulfill, which is to outshine all others as true Chinese eSports fighters – hence the name TFE for “True Fighters of eSports”. The team is to always keep the positive attitude and energy of a fighter within them.

The BenQTFE Logo Story
What came with the name of the team is the logo design. BenQTFE logo uses BenQ’s corporate color, purple, as the base color to represent the foundation of the brand and to highlight the royal combination of the BenQTFE players. Two commonly used gun types by counter-terrorists and terrorists in the game, AK and M4, were incorporated as key visual elements to show the team’s passion and determination for CS. Last but not least, on each side of the logo is the sheath of wheat, symbolizing the years of hard work and dedication and the hopes of one day standing on the international gaming arena as final victors.

Best of Luck to BenQTFE
After several months of intense professional training and the endless guidance of the head coach, Alex Zhengwei Bian, the five young, brave, determined CS gamers have grown from young rookies that started out with a simple passion for the game to strong-minded fighters who are ready to step into the battlefield and show the world what they’ve got. From earning three consecutive wins during their BenQ 5Eplay national gaming tournament tour in Shanghai, Wuhan and Xian to finishing third in the Chinese ECL finals, and from ending their tournament tour in defeat to receiving their championship trophy on the stage of BenQ CS Battle tournament in Hong Kong, BenQTFE has matured and grow with tears of victory and defeat – into true fighters of undying CS dreams.