The RL Journey

Built to set exceedingly high standards for console gaming displays, the RL-series offers details and features needed for gamers to seamlessly acquire, assess and respond to information quickly. Experience console gaming like never before with the BenQ RL-series.

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The RL Journey

The Collaboration

In the effort to expand its professional gaming monitor line, BenQ offers the all new RL-series. The collaboration delivered competitive gaming monitors that offer top-level gamers an absolute gaming experience for their console game play.

The tremendous partnership also led to the creation of cutting-edge features meticulously designed to fulfill specific gaming purposes – particularly to acquire, assess and respond to critical combat information readily. Just as the XL product team worked with the Counter- Strike legends to develop the FPS Mode, the RL product team also worked closely with the Pros to fine-tune every display mode, exchanging visits to ensure the display performance of the monitors would improve user accessibility and comfort.